Go Buffs!

Volume XIV, Issue IV

File this one under, "Cataclysm"

Game:                        Colorado @ Washington State
Kick-off:                    1:00 PM PST
Record:                      0-3 (0-0 Pac-12)
Current Ranking:        Not Ranked*

Ah . . . . . disaster . . . . debacle . . . . nay, epic catastrophe of biblical proportions. 

If you have to hit rock bottom before you can turn things around I believe we've reached it.

If I wanted to quit drinking I'd take a shot for every CU touchdown.

Buffs suck. Bad. Plain and simple. I've never experienced such a poor losing streak and success drought since I have been a Buff. Hard to take. Colorado simply got their ASSES HANDED to them by Fresno State. I would know, I was there. The one, and only, time I have ever left a Colorado game early before the end was against Cal in 2010. This past weekend we tried to stick it out until the 3rd quarter. But it was more than we could take. We left. However I feel this was an accomplishment in itself as the majority of the paltry Colorado fans in attendance had all left after the first quarter. (And rightly so).

The stats are so bad both for the game at Fresno State and for the Buffs nationally that it's not even worth going into and recapping. (Example: Colorado is ranked over 100 in the four major category with the worst one being 115th in Points Against. There are a total of a 120 teams in the FBS!). That fact that Fresno State broke school records against us says enough.

Here is what is really scary and the reality that is slapping Colorado in the face: The Buffs may be facing a 0-12 season! No one knows where Colorado can win with the remaining schedule. I for one believe that we can, and we must, get at least one win. For I will not know what to do with myself if we don't. The best chance may be this weekend against WSU.

Still, we trudge on . . . . . . 

It doesn't get any easier for Colorado as CU opens up Pac-12 play against the Washington State Cougars (2-1) at Martin Stadium in Pullman, WA. Kick-off is at 1:00 PM PDT. The game will be televised on FX Networks.

This Saturday’s game will signify the start of Colorado’s second season in the Pac-12. Last year, WSU rallied to win in Boulder, 31-27, in what was CU’s first-ever Pac-12 league game.

Historically Colorado is 2-0 against the Cougars in the state of Washington, but this is the first time the game will be in Pullman. CU won in 1982 in Spokane and in 2004 in Seattle. (I was there).
  • Footnote: CU & WSU were scheduled to play in Pullman on Sept. 15, 2001, but the game was cancelled due to 9/11 four days earlier.
The 12-0 win over WSU on Sept. 18, 1982 was the first for head coach Bill McCartney, who went on to become CU’s winningest coach of all-time (93-55-5).

As we know the Buffs received a 69-14 shellacking to the Bulldogs last weekend. However Washington State won a Friday night game on the road in Las Vegas, racing to a 28-10 second quarter lead en route to a 35-27 win over UNLV.

Like a train wreck we must watch. 


*Buffs are ranked NUMBER 1 on ESPN's "Bottom 10".  Just look at the company we keep. By God, can it get any more humiliating


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