Go Buffs!

Volume XIV, Issue X

File this one under, "Is it basketball season yet?"

Game:                        Colorado vs Washington
Kick-off:                    10:30 AM PST
Record:                      1-9 (1-6 Pac-12)
Current Ranking:        Not Ranked*

The Buff Newsletter took a rare in-season hiatus last week due to an unprecedented event. Namely my turning 40 years of age. (Unbelievable). There simply wasn't the opportunity to get the newsletter out with all that I had going on. I apologize.

No matter. The Buffs stunk up the field last weekend against Arizona as expected. (Although we beat Arizona last year). Arizona rebounded from a 66-10 spanking by UCLA the weekend before to route Colorado 56-31. The Buffs were actually holding their own at first and had the lead after the first quarter but it went all downhill from there. CU had the ball for nearly 42 minutes of game time yet still lost by 25 points.

God it's a long season. On to the next.

Colorado plays its final two games of the season at home facing the Washington Huskies (6-4) this Saturday at Folsom Field. Kick off is at 10:30 AM PST. The fame will be televised on FX Network.

Washington, by the way, is ranked 25th in the BCS standings. (Although not ranked in any poll. Odd). Their last two games of the season are us and rival Washington State which between the two have won a combined 3 games total all season. Sad.

Colorado has lost six straight games by at least 25 points with an average of 52.8 points a game during this current losing streak. Yikes. Needless to say Washington is favored.

Like a train wreck that you just can't look away from I will watch.


*Colorado is back in ESPN's Bottom 10 rankings at #3

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